Introducing Naked Pictures, a new Dutch film production company

A new, ambitious film production company is added to the Dutch film sector: Naked Pictures. The founders of the company announced this yesterday, at the premiere of their first joint production, the short film Habitat, in Filmtheater Kriterion Amsterdam. Naked Pictures will be engaged in the production of feature films, series, short films and documentaries with a focus on creative audacity and thorough script development.

The founders of Naked Pictures, Joeri Pruys and Ewoud Bon, have been active for some time in the Dutch film industry. Pruys has written, directed and produced several short films. Bon is one of the producers of the Curaçaoan feature film Sensei Redenshon,  the first feature film in the Papiamentu language in twenty years, released last year by Pathé, among others. Bon is also a much sought-after cameraman.

Naked Pictures wants to make a significant contribution to the Dutch film sector. Bon: “We strive to make notable films and series based on stories that we feel a strong need for. Films which we will support in all phases of production.” The founders will sometimes choose to step outside the usual frameworks. Pruys: “For us, the end result is all that matters. That means we will occasionally have to swim against the tide. But we find that exciting and fun.”

Habitat, a short surrealist relationship drama, is the first production of Naked Pictures and is written and directed by Pruys. “Habitat is a special film, because films in the surrealist tradition like those by Luis Buñuel are scarce in the Netherlands,” says Pruys.

Habitat is about a young couple whose relationship is put to the test by the visit of a charming single man. The actors in the leading roles, Ilse Ott and Stefan Rokebrand, are no strangers to the general public. Ilse has been playing a major role for several years in the youth series SpangaS, and Stefan Rokebrand plays Dutch rock legend Herman Brood in the highly acclaimed musical theater production Chez Brood.