Short film ‘Habitat’ premiered at Kriterion Amsterdam

Habitat, a short film written and directed by Joeri Pruys and starting Ilse Ott and Stefan Rokebrand, was premiered at Kriterion, one of Amsterdam’s finest film venues.

Habitat, a short surrealist relationship drama, is the first production of Naked Pictures. It’s about a young couple whose relationship is put to the test by the visit of a charming single man. The actors in the leading roles, Ilse Ott and Stefan Rokebrand, are no strangers to the general public. Ilse has been playing a major role for several years in the youth series SpangaS, and Stefan Rokebrand plays Dutch rock legend Herman Brood in the highly acclaimed musical theater production Chez Brood

The film was shot on location in Amsterdam and was crowdfunded through Cinecrowd.